Drug and Alcohol Testing for Logistics and Warehousing

AttoSure enhances the safety of logistics and warehousing operations through comprehensive substance misuse testing.

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Protect Your Workforce

AttoSure's rigorous drug and alcohol testing ensures that sensitive or heavy shipments are carefully handled throughout their journey, from pallet to truck, from warehouse to destination, minimising the risk of accidents and loss.

Protect Your Workforce


Operational Efficiency

Drug and alcohol testing helps companies maintain a smooth supply chain, with fewer substance-related absenteeism and errors. In addition, setting a clear precedent for substance misuse helps employees trust their colleagues.

Operational Efficiency


Ensure Compliance

AttoSure's testing services help you to comply with industry standards through the supply of drug and alcohol testing options. This safeguards your reputation and operational integrity. Adhering to rigorous safety and health standards is vital and by ensuring compliance through testing, AttoSure helps protect your company's integrity and contributes to industry-wide safety practices.

Ensure Compliance

Why Partner With AttoSure for Logistics and Warehousing

The logistics sector often involves extended working hours and long-haul transportation, which can heighten the risk of fatigue and substance misuse. AttoSure’s testing solutions are tailored to identify and mitigate these risks, ensuring that drivers and warehouse staff are alert and capable of performing their duties safely, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents that could disrupt supply chains and impact delivery schedules.

In warehousing, where efficiency dictates company success, the sobriety and alertness of staff are critical. Our testing protocols are designed to seamlessly integrate into various operational models, from traditional warehousing to modern, automated systems. This integration ensures minimal disruption whilst upholding high safety standards.

We understand the spread-out nature of warehouses and the mobility of the transportation workforce and offer adaptable testing solutions that can be implemented at different points in the supply chain. Whether it’s at distribution centres, during loading/unloading operations, or at checkpoints along transportation routes, our services ensure consistent safety standards across all nodes of your logistics network.

Why Partner With AttoSure for Logistics and Warehousing

Planning Your Testing Approach

AttoSure recommends a robust substance testing programme for the logistics and warehousing industry:

  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Random Testing
  • Post-Incident Testing
  • For Cause Testing
Pre-Employment Testing

Establish a foundation of safety and reliability from the start by showing your commitment to safety standards.

Random Testing

A key strategy in maintaining a safe and efficient work environment, especially when drivers are working long or night time hours.

Post-Incident Testing

Essential for understanding and mitigating the causes of workplace incidents and setting out clearer precedents moving forward.

For Cause Testing

Respond promptly to suspected cases of impairment to maintain safety and operational standards.