Drug and Alcohol Testing for Facilities Management

AttoSure leads the way in ensuring safe and efficient facility management through targeted drug and alcohol testing services.

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Enhance Safety

At your site, the safety of employees, visitors, and tenants is paramount. Our comprehensive testing protocols ensure that those responsible for the operation and maintenance of facilities are fit for duty, reducing the risk of accidents and maintaining professionalism.

Enhance Safety


Ensure Reliability

The efficient running of facilities hinges on the reliability and efficiency of the staff. AttoSure’s drug and alcohol testing services help maintain the highest standards of performance, reducing the likelihood of accidents and delays to critical facility operations.

Ensure Reliability


Ensure Compliance

Facilities management is governed by stringent health and safety regulations. Partnering with AttoSure ensures that your operations comply with these standards, safeguarding your organisation from legal and reputational risks.

Ensure Compliance

Why Partner with AttoSure for Facilities Management

At AttoSure, we understand the multifaceted nature of facilities management and the critical roles that staff such as security personnel, electricians, plumbers, and cleaners play in the day-to-day operations of any facility.

For security teams, maintaining alertness and quick response capabilities is essential. Our drug and alcohol testing ensures that security personnel are always prepared to protect and respond effectively. For technical roles like electricians and plumbers, precision and focus are critical to avoid accidents and ensure high-quality work. Regular testing guarantees that these professionals are performing at their best, safeguarding against potential hazards and service disruptions.

By ensuring the sobriety and readiness of all staff, AttoSure plays a vital role in creating a secure, well-maintained, and efficiently run environment. We also ensure that our communication and testing processes are clear and easily understandable, accommodating staff members for whom English may not be their first language, thereby maintaining inclusivity and understanding in our services.

Why Partner with AttoSure for Facilities Management

Planning Your Testing Approach

A well-structured substance testing programme should incorporate a broad approach to effectively identify and address potential substance abuse issues.

  • Pre-Employment testing
  • Random Testing
  • Post-Incident Testing
  • For Cause Testing
Pre-Employment testing

Establish a strong foundation of safety and professionalism right from the outset whilst fostering a culture of responsibility and care from day one.

Random Testing

Consistently maintain high safety standards and actively deter substance misuse among staff while reinforcing a commitment to safety at all levels.

Post-Incident Testing

This essential process aids in identifying the causes of incidents whilst helping you implement corrective measures for future operational procedures.

For Cause Testing

Timely intervention is vital in upholding the integrity and safety of facility operations, ensuring immediate action is taken to maintain a secure and efficient working environment.