Expert Drug and Alcohol Testing for Healthcare Environments

AttoSure specialises in providing point-of-care drug and alcohol testing solutions tailored to meet the needs of service users and patients in healthcare environments.

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The Importance of Substance Testing in Healthcare

Substance testing in healthcare settings is a critical component of ensuring the safety and well-being of service users, patients and staff. By proactively identifying and addressing drug and alcohol use, healthcare facilities can minimise overdoses, manage withdrawal symptoms, and maintain a controlled and secure environment for all.

  1. Compliance with Treatment Programmes

    Regular drug and alcohol testing helps healthcare providers and projects comply with stringent treatment protocols specific to the healthcare sector. Adhering to these standards demonstrates a commitment to safe prescribing and successful treatment outcomes.

  2. Supporting Recovery and Treatment

    Substance testing is an integral part of the treatment and recovery process. It helps in monitoring patient progress and safety, adjusting treatment plans, and providing the necessary support to ensure successful rehabilitation.

Why Partner with AttoSure in Healthcare

Our point-of-care testing, combined with a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges faced in healthcare environments, ensures that your patients and service users are kept safe whilst your facility remains compliant and secure.

Highest Accuracy

All of our point of care tests are registered with the MHRA and manufactured in ISO13485 accredited facilities to ensure reliable, consistent and accurate test results.

Convenient Testing

We strive to offer convenient and non-disruptive testing options, either providing you with the apparatus you need or travelling to your location with our professional team. Our flexible scheduling accommodates the time constraints of employees, ensuring a comfortable experience.

Turnkey Solution

We're here to offer guidance and support in addition to our testing products and services. We provide educational resources to ensure employees fully understand the impact of certain substances and how long they take to clear the body.

How we work

We aim to exceed your expectations and deliver excellence throughout your customer experience. Whilst every customer has unique needs, we typically follow these four steps.

  • Scope
  • Plan
  • Train
  • Test

Together we identify specific needs and objectives for substance testing within your project, understanding testing requirements and clinical governance.

We will develop a comprehensive testing solution that aligns with your service provision and testing timelines.

To ensure employees are competent and confident, we can provide clear, informative materials and sessions to help understand the importance of testing and best practices.

We deliver on your testing schedule or product delivery, ensuring a respectful and professional experience for all employees, with swift and confidential handling of all testing and results.

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