Drug and Alcohol Testing for Aviation

AttoSure is committed to enhancing safety and efficiency in the aviation industry by mitigating risks associated with substance misuse.

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Protect Passengers

Ensuring the health and well-being of aviation staff is paramount for passenger safety. A comprehensive testing programme minimises the risk of incidents in the air and on the ground, maintaining the highest safety standards.

Protect Passengers


Enhance Safety

Effective testing reduces risks, ensuring pilots, crew and airside operational staff are fully alert and focused. This contributes to maintaining strict schedules and high-quality service in the demanding aviation environment.

Enhance Safety


Ensure Compliance

Aviation is heavily regulated for safety. AttoSure helps you comply with industry-specific health and safety regulations, maintaining your organisation's integrity and reputation.

Ensure Compliance

Why Partner with AttoSure for Aviation

We understand the unique safety challenges in aviation. Our testing programmes are designed to support a culture of safety and responsibility, essential in this high-stakes environment.

Why Partner with AttoSure for Aviation

Planning Your Testing Approach

  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Random/Unannounced Testing
  • Post-Incident Testing
  • For Cause Testing
Pre-Employment Testing

Establish a baseline of safety and professionalism.

Random/Unannounced Testing

Maintain vigilance and deter substance misuse.

Post-Incident Testing

Crucial for investigating incidents and enhancing future safety.

For Cause Testing

Address any signs of impairment swiftly to ensure safety.