Drug and Alcohol Testing for Construction

AttoSure helps you maintain safe and productive construction sites by reducing accidents associated with substance misuse.

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Protect Workers

A healthy workforce helps drive productivity while uplifting employee morale. Elevate the safety standards of your construction site with rigorous drug and alcohol testing, minimising the risk of accidents and injuries.

Protect Workers


Boost Productivity

Effective drug and alcohol testing contributes to reduced absenteeism and quality errors. A highly focused workforce ensures projects are completed on time without costly setbacks.

Boost Productivity


Ensure Compliance

Protect your company's reputation and financial health by ensuring all safety and health regulations are met, demonstrating your commitment to industry standards and ethical practices.

Ensure Compliance

Why Partner With AttoSure for Construction

We understand that drug and alcohol testing on construction sites is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of all workers, as impairment increases the risk of accidents in such a high-hazard environment. Moreover, a robust testing programme promotes a culture of responsibility and care, contributing to higher productivity, quality of work, and overall industry reputation.

AttoSure offers the latest point-of-care testing using a range of solutions, perfectly suited to all environments, and administered by a professional team where necessary. Secondary laboratory processing ensures peace of mind for both employer and employee.

Why Partner With AttoSure for Construction

Planning Your Testing Approach

A well-structured substance testing programme should incorporate a broad approach? to effectively identify and address potential substance abuse issues.

  • Pre-Employment Testing
  • Random/Unannounced Testing
  • Post-Incident Testing
  • For Cause Testing
Pre-Employment Testing

Ensure integrity from the start by implementing pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, helping to establish a responsible workforce aligned with your company's values.

Random/Unannounced Testing

Deter substance misuse through random/unannounced drug and alcohol testing, promoting a culture of accountability and vigilance throughout your organisation.

Post-Incident Testing

Post-incident drug and alcohol testing is crucial for understanding the circumstances of an accident so that future occurrences can be prevented.

For Cause Testing

Act responsibly on observed signs of impairment, ensuring immediate and appropriate responses to potential risks and reinforcing a professional work environment.